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One of the benefits of being on two Thanksgiving weekend flights is that I
get a LOT of time to read the nifty shiny new travel books. I had the LP
guide to Russia and China delivered to my parents’ house to save a few
bucks, and pretty much read them cover to cover over the weekend. Anyhow,
after the research, it looks like this would be a fantastic general plan,
if given unlimited time and unlimited budget:

St. Petersburg
Suzdal via Vladimir
Nizhny Novgorod
Omsk (?)
Irkutsk and Lake Baikal
Ulan Ude
Ulan Baatur
Beijing and The Great Wall
Chendgu and Area (incl. Leshan overnight?)
Lhasa (by air from Chengdu)
Hong Kong
Tokyo and area

This pretty much leaves us with no longer than 36 or so hours on the train
in any one stint, which is pretty different than expected. But after
reading, there are lot of plusses to stopping in these areas!

So, Geoff, shall we let the train schedules help us figure it out?

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  1. Jumpin’ Jehosephat, woman! You tryin’ to kill me?! We’re definitely gonna
    have to pare that list down a wee bit.

    And you just can’t let that Lhasa thing go, can you? 😉

    Comment by Geoff — November 28, 2004 @ 9:16 pm

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