Russian Language Course

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Through the U of C… interested? (I think that link may not work.

Click on Languages, and Russian and you should be able to see it.)

Cost is $225, every Thursday night from Jan 27 – March 31.


  1. I thought the idea was for a Chinese course, and blunder our way through
    Russia? Given that we can read Cyrillic and do rough translations, I think
    that would be good enough, eh? I’d rather worry more about Chinese, where
    a simply misprounciation of a vowel could be misinterpreted as an

    Comment by Geoff — December 9, 2004 @ 7:58 am

  2. Ah, I thought we agreed on Russian since there are several dialects of
    Chinese that we’d be exposed to in China. Fine, well, Mandarin costs $205
    and meets from 7 – 9pm on Tuesdays. Same time frame. Maybe I’ll take both?

    Comment by amy — December 9, 2004 @ 10:36 am

  3. Hmm. It’s obvious that we had too many beers the last time we discussed
    this. 😉

    There are several, yes, but Mandarin is the official dialect. I know
    that’s not going to totally cover our asses, but I think I’d like to walk
    into this a little more aware of the situation than not.

    Given the choice between the two, I’d lean more towards Mandarin (also
    handy in Chinese restaurants!).

    Besides, weren’t you the one who suggested that French was also widely
    spoken in Russia? 😉 (I still wonder if that’s actually true.)

    Comment by Geoff — December 9, 2004 @ 2:29 pm

  4. oh right, I did say that. I think I’m going to take both, cause it’ll be
    fun. And we need more beer.

    Comment by amy — December 9, 2004 @ 9:29 pm

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