Some new resources!

Tamara gave me her Christmas present before I left Calgary last night. She
had a theme going! It was very cool. There were three wrapped packages,
which included:

Suddenly, I feel like a schmuck roommate/friend for giving her a t-shirt
and a couple of movie passes. Man, she totally outdid me this year.


Russian Language Course

Through the U of C… interested? (I think that link may not work.

Click on Languages, and Russian and you should be able to see it.)

Cost is $225, every Thursday night from Jan 27 – March 31.

Someone’s got to post here

Not that there’s been all that much time to plan, given that I’ve started
a new job and everything. OY!

But I had to post that the plane tickets are here! Get a load of this itinerary! We’re going to be exhausted before we even get to Russia!

April 29
6:30am – flight to Seattle arriving at 7:20am
10:20am – flight to San Francisco, arriving at 12:29pm
7:00pm – flight to London, arriving April 30 at 1:15pm

May 2
9:55am – flight to St. Petersburg, arriving at 4:10pm

So, as Geoff pointed out, at least we’re going to GET THERE.

I’m sitting at my desk in my home office right now and thought you might appreciate a peak at the little bookshelf I have set up in the window.

Something doesn't belong

Which one of these things is not like the other?