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Well, I spent the past 24 hours feeling like the muck beneath one of those big rocks in a dirty, neglected park. I’m still having the little seizures, but they’re getting better. I think. Considering this was probably brought on by stress… AND… that having the seizures is generating yet more stress… (should I go back on the meds? if I see my doctor, will she take my driver’s license away?)… It’s been a hell of a day that feels like 40.

Anyhow, this is what’s left on my list:

Pick up antibiotic prescription
Find business cards
Make photocopies of everything
Get $$ in Euros for NordHostel (104 each for hostel and airport transfer)
Clean camera lenses
Pack for business trip (SF)
Register for Yoga with Pattabhi Jois (Apr 29)
Knitting patterns for Big Girls’ Knits book (due Apr 15/May1)
Assemble addresses for postcards
Send out blog URL to people / post on website
Find cat sitter for April 22 – 29
Leave patterns with Sandra for test-knitting
Put together mp3 playlists
Rental car – San Francisco
UA upgrade – return trip
Get new SIN – only if the house offer is accepted

To Buy (here or in California):
Sunglasses and case
Claritin or other decongestant
Spare video battery and case
Film – more 200 please.
Some sort of wider lens than 35mm. And faster. Did I mention faster?
Socks – black and white
Bonine (like Gravol but way better)
Tylenol PM (nighty-night!)

The biggest stuff is really the knitting for the book. That deadline is technically on Friday and I’m SO not going to make it. I’m about half done with the back of the sweater and done with one sleeve. But then there’s the whole tank top thing. Oy. At least it makes for good plane knitting. Just once, though, I’d like to be early with a knitting deadline.

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