More on my “to do” list

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Just when I thought I was making headway, some things crept onto the list. Grr. These things happen, I guess. Time’s running out fast, and there’s still a lot to do…

  • Mongolian visa
  • 50 rolls 200 ASA film, 10-15 rolls b&w (speed TBD)
  • Get camera back from repair
  • Traveller’s cheques
  • Arrange to have house checked regularly
  • Change emergency call numbers for security system
  • 62mm polarized filter
  • Dig out zip off pants and sandals from storage
  • Buy roll of duct tape
  • Put together first aid kit
  • Photocopy credit cards, passport, visas, and other important documents
  • Get cash in euros, and $US
  • Pay taxes
  • New batteries for X370
  • Timers for the lights in my house
  • Get new deodorant (Amy will appreciate this)
  • Buy universal electrical socket adapters
  • Buy additional travel insurance (not as covered as I thought I was)

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