A “final” re-pack

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The really great thing about leaving a week early to go work in California is that, aside from getting a last chance to feel completely and utterly overwhelmed by work, I have ample opportunity to reconsider my packing strategy without having to ship or ditch stuff in another continent.

So, I repacked. Again.

But this time I have the excuse of four nifty new “layering tees” from Gap. They are brightly colored and weigh less than a tiny ball of yarn. Just the thing for building in some variety without adding any weight. To compensate, I removed my black tank top, which weighed MORE than these four tees! Go figure.

So, here’s the ‘final’ list.

I reserve the right to repack tonight, tomorrow morning, and possibly at the airport tomorrow afternoon. But it’s final for now.

antibacterial gel
hand lotion
reading light/mini flashlight
journal & pens
travel folder
DV camcorder, spare battery and charter
10 hours tape electronics
SLR with 28-200m lens, spare batteries
Approx. 60 rolls film, 100-800, colour
lip balm
small first aid kit with dramamine, claritin, advil, pepto (in pill form) and misc.
small laundry kit with detergent and laundry line
Cup O Soup insant soup packets – 8
Nalgene cantene
Starbucks thermos
Peanut butter – 1 small jar
Cutlery kit
Extra ziplock baggies
Girlie stuff (you know what I mean)
GGH yarn for Rebecca wrap top
Koigu for socks
My last project for the BGK book
toilet paper
iPod shuffle with power supply and adapters
snowboard lock misc
4 books (3 guidebooks)
permanent marker
earplugs, eyemask and Tylenol PM
travel towel
3-in-1 by Philosophy – soap, shampoo and conditioner in one
glasses and spare pairs contacts
toothpaste & toothbrush
hair goop
sunblock – spf 30
foot lotion – from the Body Shop.
butterfly scarf toiletry kit
watch with alarm and dual time zones
Money belt and Security wallet
traveller’s cheques and US$
1 l/s tee shirt
1 s/s tee shirt
4 layering tees
1 l/s tan/green esprit zip shirt/cardigan thingy
loose black yoga pants – Lululemon
zip-off khaki pants
2 bras
black J Crew swimsuit
Columbia jacket shell
Down jacket – compressed
black/grey wristwarmers
4 pairs socks
5 pairs underwear
long underwear bottoms
tee and shorts for PJs

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