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It’s 8:21am. I’m at the office I have little to do, having transferred the majority of my work to others. Twenty-four hours from now, I’ll be in Seattle.

None of it seems like it’s really going to happen.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been moving at what seems like light speed for months — moving so fast that I’ve missed details, forgotten to handle things I’d promised to others, focused too much on certain things that didn’t need as much. I suppose it’ll all seem real when I see Amy tomorrow, and realize that within a week, we’ll be standing in Red Square.

Lots of people have asked me: am I excited? To be honest, I’m not. I should be, but the excitement I should be feeling is completely overwhelmed by the apprehension of leaving Alex behind. I have pictures, and I have a phone card. But it’s just going to be hard. I’m going to miss her terribly.

It’s my last day before leaving. I blinked, and the day is almost here.

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