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There’s nothing quite like the emotional rollercoaster of waking up at 4:45am (I don’t know why I set that so late — bad move on my part), rushing to get ready to leave, driving out to the airport as if Alex and I were doing something on a regular basis, and suddenly realizing that there was likely to be a line-up from Hell at the check-in desk, US Customs, and the security lines.

Which, of course, there were. Thankfully, sort of, the line for Horizon Air (my first leg to Seattle) was non-existent. As was the ding-bat clerk who closed her desk, waving me off because she “had to be at the gate”. Well what the heck am I supposed to do, then, lady?!

Next hill of the coaster: stress of missing the first flight.

Luckily, the nice person at the Alaska counter signed me in right away (about five minute before the flight closed). Alex and I trotted very quickly to the US Customs door, where we’d be separated. This was the part I was dreading most. I didn’t know how this would go. I feared something ugly — both of us breaking down completely. But it wasn’t. Teary, yes, but we didn’t experience the “break”. There’s certainty in my return. There’s no “what if” — just “what will”. It’s comforting, even though the time apart will be hard.

Customs was relatively easy, even managed to joke with one of the officers. A nice touch. Calgary has opened a new security desk — a single, solitary desk — that I got routed to along with a few dozen others. It’s not a fast line. It figured that at 6:00, when the flight was to start boarding, passengers were being paged for final boarding on my flight.


I butted line. A few people grumbled, but I seemed to go quickly (knock on wood — I have yet to have a serious problem at the security line). I ran down the all to the gate. They were paging me by name, now. Despite the urgency of the paging (which was about every 30 seconds, and no, I’m not kidding), the flight left at its prescribed time.

Never been to SeaTac airport before. It’s big. Had to take a train to find this computer in N terminal. Won’t be here long, another couple of hours and I’m off to San Francisco to meet up with Amy.

The odyssey has begun. It just doesn’t quite feel like it yet…

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