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at the internet cafe

Ah, London. Oxford Street. Covent Garden. Great window shopping everywhere!

I’ve noticed that the hot item for spring seems to be a flouncy white skirt, hitting just below the knee. If I had my camera handy, I could have nabbed a street shot of five different women on one corner, all wearing near-identical skirts. Pity!

I’m a complete clumsy klutz, so I decided to leave white for more pristine skinny girls. Instead, I picked up a pair of black fishnet and lace legwarmers that look absolutely awesome as armwarmers. (And they weigh next to nothing so they’ll be my one fashionable item in my backpack!)

My nifty arm/legwarmers

But enough about shopping.

Today we started off at The British Museum, mainly to see the Rosetta stone and check out a bit of the Egypt galleries. I’ve been twice before, but it was always good to pop in for a bit.

After the museum, we headed to Covet Garden, where Geoff quickly buggered off, terrified of the prospect of shopping of any kind. Good for me, it left plenty of time to pop into shops like Monsoon, French Connection, and even Urban Outfitters. Lush has even made it’s way to the UK. I guess it’s just not in the USA yet, aside from one or two spots.

My feet (and my wallet) held up pretty well until 4 when I headed back towards the hotel. Around Oxford Circus, I overheard three (obviously gay) men on the train mention that Regent’s Park was quite beautiful, so I spontaneously decided to hop off the train and head there for an hour of sunning and knitting.

Regent\'s Park

All too soon, we are leaving England tomorrow morning first thing, for a 4 hour flight to Russia. And so, the adventure begins!

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