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As Geoff just posted, we are at Heathrow airport paying 1£ for 15 min of time at a very bad internet terminal. It’s like the hunt and peck method is the only way to type – only my thumb and first finger are strong enough to press these keys!

So, this will be short.

We leave at 10am and spend nearly 4 hours en route to St. Petersburg. With any luck, the bages will make it fine and we’ll find the car to the hostel without a problem. And oh yeah, visa registration.

I have to say, my pack is WAY TOO HEAVY!!!!!!! I need to ditch some stuff before leaving st. petersburg! The problem is, I don’t know what to lose. I guess clothes, and maybe my UK power adapter for my ipod. I’ll figure something out!

When we next post, we’ll be in Russia, hopefully not sweating. (It’s been SO HOT in London- inside or out!!!!!!)

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