Fry the shelled shrimp

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When in China, eat Chinese food!

For dinner tonight, we walked about 2 blocks from the hotel to this captivating restaurant. I’m not even sure what the name would translate to in English… probably something like “The dishes captivate the dragon purely.”

The menu was in Mandarin and English, although the subtitles, as I’m sure Geoff will elaborate on, left much to be desired. Somehow, I managed to order 2 beers, a Grouper sauteed in a soy sauce reduction, stir-fryed snow peas, and shrimp with asparagus.

Everything was amazing.

No really. There are no words.

Now, I’ve had Chinese food in San Francisco. I’ve had it in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, San Jose and Vancouver. And of course, Chicago, Toronto and Calgary.

But really, nothing compares.

Each bite was like a little piece of heaven.

And the Grouper! Oh my. Well.

When we arrived, we noticed the tanks of aquariums on the walls. We didn’t really give it much thought. But shortly after ordering, the chef came out with a smallish Grouper, still flopping around on the floor in the net.


I’m one of those animal lovers. I would gladly be a vegetarian, on principal only. In fact, I was a vegeterian for about a year and a half when I lived in California. So actually seeing my meal, live, 15 minutes before consuming it, was a bit tough. Thankfully, the tiny bit of beer I’d already had helped with that.

And oh, was the fish good. Indescribable.

(This is why I am devoting an entire entry to just dinner.)


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