What to do when NOT hiking the Great Wall

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My feet have decided that I’m much happier and healthier taking it easy for the day, so I opted out of the Great Wall excursion.

I’ve seen it from the train, and quite nice views at that, so if I can’t actually hike on the thing, I’d rather just save that for next time. Plus, there’s the possibility of visiting a different section on Wednesday if the foot situation improves any!

So, what does a girl do?

Napping, shopping, and eating.

Here’s the cool tank I picked up in Tianjin. (Sorry for the bad photo, my camera’s not good in low light conditions.)

RI&G tank

And here are my storm troopers!


Incidentally, it turns out that the Star Wars movie IS in English at the theater across the road. Think I can talk Geoff into it?

My shopping score for today is this quirky little tee…

Attack Kitten!

Yes, another green shirt. But to be honest, the colour palette hasn’t been all that great here. A lot of pastel blues and pinks, plus white. And white does not work with a black bra. At least, not for me.

After a teeny bit of retail therapy I went back to RBT. I love this place. I was craving a smoothie, so I ordered the kumquat honey one from yesterday, plus the spicy chicken stirfry. Not that adventurous, but it did come with a tea-soaked egg that I tried and actually enjoyed.

Now I am back at the hotel catching up on email and trying to find a hotel for May 31 and June 1. We’re not leaving for Shanghai until June 2, so we need to book two more nights somewhere, and the Courtyard is full.

Another meal at RBT

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  1. The kitty tee is a cute little tee. Sounds like a day of rest was just what you needed. Good for you for taking care of yourself. You guys have been moving at a pretty frenetic pace.

    Comment by awanda — June 9, 2005 @ 10:29 am

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