On the train to Hong Kong

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Our last overnight train.

27 hours in soft sleeper. This time, without cabinmates. And the others in our train car were so quiet. The journey was peaceful. Almost perfect. (Don’t remind me about that slop they have the nerve to call “beer”!!!!! Next time, I will run in the other direction instead of forking down nearly $1CAD for the can.)

We left Xian around 9am, so we had all day to appreciate the Chinese countryside. This isn’t the most thrilling photo, but I can assure you, the views were more picturesque than Siberia! (Go figure!) Lack of birch trees aside, I did enjoy seeing the countryside slowly shift from wheat fields to rice terraces and banana trees.

Chinese countryside

The interior of a Chinese train is much the same as a Russian one, except lighter. The walls are light “wood” or white instead of dark, and the floors are lighter as well. This train was also quite a bit roomier than all of our previous trips. I swear we had an additional 18 inches in the aisle between the two sets of bunks!

One habit I’ve gotten into is clipping my iPod onto the little mesh shelf above my bunk. It’s the perfect place for it while I’m lying in my bunk reading or writing or knitting. It’s handy but never lost. I think Apple should sell the iPod with this caribener clip instead of the dorky neck strap. It’s much more useful. And it sort of looks like an IV drip hanging like that.

My ipod

As a side note, I have about 240 songs on there. And I’m just now getting to the point of being fed up with half of them. Not bad.

My only real complaint about the Chinese trains is that instead of providing a little step ladder to the upper bunks, they give you one 3 inch square step. It’s not enough. It’s useless. Look how far down it is!!!!

Dangling feet

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