We are a dynamic duo in this little bit of world-wide insanity.

First up is Amy. Knitting freak by nature, also a grand world traveller. Not to mention the brains behind this operation. She came up with the original idea, and pretty much planned the majority of it.

Then there’s Geoff, the train stalker. He’s the reason why the trip took off the way it is — if it’s not by rail, it’s not worth travelling.

Amy and Geoff met while working at Critical Mass, and concocted this offbeat idea in early March of 2004. It took nearly a year to work out some of the details, and even then, many things were happening at the last minute.

Why are we doing this?

Because it’s there. Mostly, anyway. There is a great appeal to adventure, and adventure by its nature is doing the unusual and off-beat. We need to go places we’ve never been, see things that most people won’t ever want to see, do things most people would never think of. What better way than to take a train across a part of the world that entire governments tried to forget?

This is about the Trans Siberian Railway, first and foremost. But this is also about China and Mongolia, and the things we’ll find deep inside. This is about crossing the world in a way most would never think of. (We had planned to travel only by plane to Spain, and overland the whole way, but the schedule was too tight.)

This boiled out of a conversation we had back in early March 2004, when over a couple of beers Amy announced:

“I want to do the Trans Siberian Railway. But I can’t do it without a guy.”

(Even though Amy would go almost anywhere in the world alone, the idea of being stuck in a train compartment alone with three drunk Russian dudes wasn’t exactly appealing. Amy, of course, said this because she planned on talking Geoff into the trip, one way or another. Mind you, talking Geoff into a train ride is like trying to convince the Pope to be religious.)

Geoff, sitting across the table at the Brewster’s in Eau Claire, realized two basic things:

  1. He was a guy. (Geoff is a swift person. Really.)
  2. He likes trains. (And that’s putting it mildly.)

This spun off one of the most long and arduous planning sessions for a trip that we have ever experienced — or will every likely experience again. And we hope that you’ll come along for the ride.

This site is to allow us to broadcast plans and news to everyone we know, and a lot of people we don’t. (There’s nothing wrong at all with putting your life up for exhibition.) Once we’re on the road, it’ll be difficult (if not impossible) to phone home, so communication in any form will be important. That’s what this is for.

In this site, you’ll find out why we’re doing this, where we’re going, how we’re getting there, and who we are. And of course, the prime feature of this site is the blog: She Said, He Said. There you’ll see our (semi) regular updates about our plans and ultimately, our trip.